Glasgow’s top cartoonists and caricaturists for over two decades!

NB - from January 24th 2022, all restrictions on events in Scotland are ended; while the risk from coronavirus is low at present we will continue to observe best guidance on hand hygiene, face coverings etc. If in doubt, please contact us.


The Scottish Cartoon Art Studio is based in Glasgow.

Working as a team means we can take on larger and more diverse projects than any cartoonist working alone. We are also better placed to handle any emergency that might force an individual artist to cancel.

We create personalised gift caricatures for all occasions; provide live caricature entertainment and are the first in Scotland to do so digitally with iPad technology (weddings are a speciality); draw comic strips, character designs and illustrations for the web and print; conduct cartoon workshops and much more besides.

Fizzers®, our collection of “well kent faces” has been exhibited in multiple venues around the country.

Check the Blog for the latest on what we’re doing and advance word on up-coming events.

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